This compact dual-display peak-voltage ignition tester makes trouble-shooting of all spark ignition systems easier, surer, quicker, by avoiding trial & error parts swapping.
The IgnitionMate works by being superimposed on intact ignition circuits on the vehicle, so no disassembly is required.
This saves a lot of time and avoids errors of judgment that can result from replacing parts to see if this cures the problem, which might only be a poor connection.

These and other user-friendly features have made the IgnitionMate the power sport industrys most recommended ignition diagnostic tool.
Fast, high voltage, ignition energy pulses can damage even a good digital multimeter.
There is no such risk for the specially designed IgnitionMate which captures even micro-second signal pulses, like an oscilloscope.

The IgnitionMate is specially designed to simultaneously measure two different parameters according to operator choice, which it displays together dynamically side by side on two bright LED bargraph displays.
So for example, the primary & the secondary circuit voltages, or spark energy strength & consistency, together with primary or secondary circuit voltage signals, can be observed simultaneously on any one cylinder.

This is the key to visualising and diagnosing anomalies or problems which typically occur irregularly and only very briefly in problematic ignition circuits.

There are several different types of ignition systems in use on spark-ignition engines, however in principle their basic components are similar, and their ranges of the relevant signals are generally similar in nature and magnitude.

The IgnitionMate allows the following measurements :
Primary low tension / peak voltage 10, 40 or 400Vpk scales - use the RED & BLACK siliconised tester lead sets to measure primary signals between the ICU and the power supply (battery or charge coil), timing pick-up (pulse coil or hall sensor), ignition coil and switches (key, emergency stop, foot-stand, throttle). The siliconised tester leads resist damage from hot engines or exhausts. Also included are insulated crocodile clips and special PROBULATOR back probes that allow easy connection (without damage) to in line cable connectors.
Secondary high tension / peak voltage 10, 20, 40 kV scales - use the HT caliper to measure the kilovolt pulses between the ignition coil and the spark plug. Use the +/- polarity switch to determine the polarity of the high voltage signal (the correct polarity selection gives the higher kV reading). Normally single output coils have negative signals and dual output coils have negative and positive signals.
Spark strength & consistency of the high voltage current signal, in order to observe misfires. The signal strength can be adjusted for display purposes. The spark strengths of different cylinders can be compared. The dual displays allow simultaneous measurement of any two of the above three parameters according to need and the type of problem being investigated. This versatility allows rapid homing in on where the problem lies.

The IgnitionMate is powered by an internal rechargeable 1,5Ah NiMH battery pack with 6 hours autonomy.
Recharge the battery with any 12VDC source, such as a vehicle battery or TecMates AccuMate Compact dual function charger models TM-20 or TM-26.
The standard kit includes the instrument with rugged rubberised protective & mounting holster, the combination HT signal caliper pick-up with siliconised lead, a stick-coil adapter, the siliconised primary circuit test lead set with insulated crocodile clips and Probulator back probes, a 2-meter (6 ft) 12VDC external battery connection lead and instruction manual with quick reference guide, all packed in a custom carry case.

2 year limited warranty