Optimum Mill BF20 Vario

Optimum Mill BF20 Vario
Two-stage gear pair for a powerful conduction of the motor power
D.C. motor with permanent speed monitoring
Spindle sleeve feed via stargrip (drilling)
Fine crossfeed of spindle sleeve when milling
Feed spindles can be adjusted without clearance due to adjustable spindle nuts
Digital sleeve travel indicator, precision of reading 0.01 mm
Automatic off-switch (IP 54 compliant) for easy operation, with voltage circuit breaker
Right left hand rotation
Solid and precise dovetail slideway, adjustable without clearance V-ledge
Expansion bellows for expansion bellows protection
Easy and clear operation due to individually adjustable control panel
Every travel is readable by graduation
Machine lamp
Electronic infinitely variable driving gear

Technical data
Motor power 230 V / 50 Hz 850 W
Drilling capacity (St.37) 16 mm
Continuous drilling capacity(St.37) 12 mm
Spindle holding fixture MT 2/M 10
Size cutter head max. 63 mm
Size end mill cutter max. 20 mm
Working range 185 mm
Sleeve travel 50 mm
Head rotation 90
Z-axis travel 280 mm
Gear stages 2 stages, continuously variable
Spindle speeds 90 - 3,000 rpm
Cross table size (L x W) 500 x 180 mm
Y-axis travel 175 mm
X-axis travel 280 mm
T-slot size 12 mm
T-slot distance 63 mm
Load of cross table max. 55 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 670 x 550 x 860 mm
Net weight 103 kg