Optimum Milling MF4 Vario

Optimum Milling MF4 Vario
Solid, heavy-duty model made from high-grade Meehanite cast iron
Solid, precise cross table, amply dimensioned and precision-ground
All slideways hardened
Solid, rectangular slideways for Z-axis (only MF 4 Vario)
All axis with adjustable dovetail slideway
Continuous speed control with German frequency converter
Right-left-hand rotation for threading
High concentricity precision due to taper roller bearings, less than 0.01 mm measured in the spindle sleeve
Milling head rotatability 360 degree and swivel of 180 degree
Automatic spindle sleeve feed
Adjustable drill depth stop with millimetre scale, reading at the front
Electronic table height adjustment (only MF 4 Vario)
Main switch with protective motor switch, right-left-hand rotation switch,
emergency stop switch
Coolant pump supplied as standard
Economically-priced and stable value

Technical data
Motor power 400 V / 50 Hz 3.75 kW
Drilling capacity steel (St.37) 24 mm
Continuous drilling capacity(St.37) 20 mm
Spindle holding fixture ISO 40 (DIN 2080, DIN 69871) ISO 40
Size cutter head max. 100 mm
Size end mill cutter max. 20 mm
Working range 200 - 680 mm
Distance spindle / crosstable 40 - 446 mm
Spindle speeds 9 - 6,750 rpm
Sleeve travel 130 mm
Automatic spindle sleeve feed 0.04 / 0.08 / 0.15 mm/rev
Travel of milling head 480 mm
Swivel of milling head 360 degree
Inclination of milling head 45 degree
Load of cross table (max.) 275 kg
Cross table size (L x W) 1,370 x 255 mm
T-slot size 16 mm
Z-axis travel 406 mm automatic
Y-axis travel manual 400 mm
X-axis travel automatic 780 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,500 x 1,450 x 2,200 mm
Net weight 1,300 kg