Red Bull Racing Screwdriver set

Red Bull Racing Screwdriver set
Indispensable for all motor sport fans with demands on high quality tools: The Red Bull Racing Screwdriver Set – made by Wera. Kraftform screwdrivers: hard gripping zones for high working speeds, softer zones for high torque transfer. Come with Lasertips that literally bite into the head of the screw, prevent slipping and increase the torque transfer. The hexagonal non-roll feature prevents any annoying rolling away at the workplace. Handle identification markings make it easier to find and sort the tools. Including a practical rack for neat and tidy storage of the screwdrivers. Set of 7 screwdrivers.


1 x PH 1x80
1 x PH 2x100
1 x PZ 1x80
1 x PZ 2x100
1 x FLAT 1.2x6.5x150
1 x FLAT 0.6x3.5x100
1 x FLAT 1.0x5.5x125